These 33 petitioners were backcountry men captured by Col. Richard Richardson during the "Snow Campaign" of December 1775 and sent by him for incarceration to Charles Town (Charleston). The petition is not dated. However, the editors of The Papers of Henry Laurens have dated it on the basis of a report in the Journal of the Council of Safety that a petition from Robert Cunningham, Thomas Fletchall and others was read Jan. 20, 1776.  [See The Papers of Henry Laurens, Volume 11, Jan. 5, 1776 Ė Nov. 1, 1777, pages 51-52, published by the South Carolina Historical Society.]

January 20, 1776

We The Subscribers Humbly Sheweth, that whereas there has Been Diversity of Opinions, and Disturbances, in the Frontier parts of this province.  Which grieves us to heart that we ever Should have Been at Variance, with our Countrymen, and good Neighbors.  Hon. Gentlemen - We Therefore, find the Greatest Freedom, to Enter into any Honorable Terms of Unity, to preserve the peace in this Disturbed province, and the peace of good Neighborhood. Gentlemen - We Your Humble Petitioners here in Common Goal, a Few of Whom You Do call Leading persons of the Party that was Against you. And According to Your Honorable Articles that [may] be Agreed on.  We shall on any Forfeit Promise to Endeavor to Settle Peace to Your Satisfaction, And the Unity of the different Settlements, in the Frontiers Gentlemen - We Wait With Leisure on Your Call And Forsodoing it will be Always Esteemed by us Your Humble Petitioners.

N.B. - there is Different Circumstances Amongst us, Which we Make No Doubt But Your Honors will Know by Subscription.

Robít Cunningham

John Mayfield

Jas. Lind

Thomas Fletchall


Benjamin Wofford

Richard Pearis


Henery Centerful

Henery Goff

John Goff

David Rees

Henry Green

Jeremiah Ward

Thomas Wisdom

Robert Procter

Henry Citeman

William Burges

John McWilliams

Philip Wells

Jas. Davis

Wittenhall Warner

Adams Pardue


Matt Floyd

William Hunt

Jacob Bowman

Robít Parris

George Neelly

David George

David McDavid

Jacob Fry

Grady Ziebard

Jos. Alexander

Daniel Jones

Elisha Robinson


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